Adult sex chat and one night stand freewith matures

Posted by / 28-Nov-2017 04:52

Before anyone starts to wonder, yes a few nights back I had such an encounter.

Now in my years of being a healthy s*xually mature and active adult, I have always conducted this "exercise" within a relationship, but since I haven't been in one for a while, and since I am a healthy, s*xually mature adult, I required some, umm..

-- Riley Freeman lol lol I see the high and mighty brigade have been sniffing would turn it down if it was put on a plate? AND these are all men banging on as if butter wouldn't melt!! Martin Prince: To quote Mark Twain, rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated.

As for women who are hookers, if they are happy making money this way, then good luke to them. Times that by 30 and thats a bloody excellent tax free wage !! [img_assist|nid=103941|title=.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0] well Korly, one night stand as the name indicates is a thing which happens once only.

hence, it is better experianced with perfect strangers while travelling or with very close friends where you can actually be civilised and comfortably talk about it.

"servicing" for want of a better word;-0 Seriously what is a girl to do?

Anyway to cut a longish story short, deed done, man in bathroom and there I am sitting on the bed in a somewhat undressed state...

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duh..., and I have no idea how to react, or what to do.