Atheist dating phoenix

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Atheist dating phoenix

With the departure of Howard Stern to satellite radio in January 2006, KLSX became known on-air as "97.1 Free FM" – so-called to highlight that its stations broadcast free-to-air, funded by commercials, whereas satellite radio requires a subscription fee.

On September 29, 1992, KFI management dismissed Leykis with only an hour's notice, based on what Leykis claims they called "a business decision"; KFI assumed the obligation of paying him his contracted salary, estimated at 0,000 per year, for the remaining six months of his contract.

The Tom Leykis Show began in 1994 broadcasting from Los Angeles.

Originally the show was often political in nature, a fact Leykis highlighted at the start of every episode by proclaiming his show the only radio talk show that is "not hosted by a right-wing wacko or a convicted felon", references to radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and G. In addition to politics, the host commonly discussed relationships, religion (Leykis is an atheist), and other issues.

He later left the Boston station for a new job in Los Angeles after a publicized domestic disturbance with then-wife Susan at the end of 1993.

In March 1994, pretrial probation was granted and the charges stemming from that assault were dropped in exchange for his attendance in a program for batterers.

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In 1994, Leykis began the nationally syndicated program, The Tom Leykis Show on Westwood One from Culver City, California.