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After a few days, move the one from your car or garage into the fridge.After a few more weeks, put the one on the counter in the fridge and once cold, taste against the one stored cold and the one stored hot.First, go buy a 6-pack of your favorite beer cold and the freshest you can find.Once you get it home, put 4 of those beers in the fridge, one on the counter, and one in the garage, car, or somewhere else hot.Like all Omission beers, Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale is crafted to remove gluten.

When tasting these beers, you can get aromas of cardboard, dried fruit, and any hoppiness in the beer will be diminished greatly or gone.Rather than brewing and packaging a single batch of beer, the beers in this series are designed “after the fact” as we pull from multiple sources and barrels to create unique, new beers.For us, our unique Portland craft beers are labors of love.At Breakside Brewery, it’s our ultimate goal to provide you with top-rated, quality craft beers that are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.That’s why we’ve provided you with our new, innovative line of specialty bottled Portland craft beer.

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