Carbometric dating dino

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Carbometric dating dino

A small group of dinosaurs survived on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean and they need our help!

Because of their large body size, they have to spend most of their day hunting and gathering food.

“A significant finding in our research was the preservation of the diatom cell walls — structures known as frustules — creating a highly porous anode that allows easy access for the electrolyte”, Cengiz Ozkan said.

Titled “Carbon-Coated, Diatomite-Derived Nanosilicon as a High Rate Capable Li-ion Battery Anode,” a paper describing the research was published recently in the journal s.

The research was led by Mihri Ozkan, professor of electrical engineering, and Cengiz Ozkan, professor of mechanical engineering.

We believe diatomaceous earth, which is abundant and inexpensive, could be another sustainable source of silicon for battery anodes,” Mihri Ozkan said.

Contrary to popular opinion, all dinosaurs were not killed when a giant space rock struck the Caribbean basin 65 million years ago.

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Surely we cannot allow the last group of remaining dinosaurs to go extinct!

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