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Hosted by Melinda Messenger and Leslie Grantham with Geoffrey Bayldon, the show was recorded at the actual Fort Boyard off the coast of France.This mad show originated in Japan and became a worldwide hit – Hosted by Dale Winton, joined by team captains Anton Du Beke and Darren Gough, armed with silver lycra suits and a team of three well know names in a competition to see who can get through the .Brian would perform musical numbers, stand-up routines and sketches, the latter of which were performed on sets that were wheeled out onto the stage, and he’d often change costume in front of the audience.The second version of the show aired in 2000 and featured famous guests including Leslie Nielsen and Kathleen Turner. The show ran from 1996 to 1999 on ITV and is loosely in the format of a beauty pageant but with male contestants.– 1993-2000 – had a set that was created by actual retailers, either The Co-operative Group, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Somerfield, depending on the series.The show was revived in 2007 for ITV and rebranded as The game consists of three teams of two, each with a clock that starts with 60 seconds on it.As the rounds progress and the players get less, the prize money per question increases.Would you risk losing £50,000 in a bid to become a millionaire?

At the end of each round, members of the entirely female audience voted for their favourite man using a remote control device and the least popular male was eliminated.Frequently, the statements were written with comedic, double entendre answers in mind.A classic example: “Did you catch a glimpse of that girl on the corner?Celebrities try to force themselves through crazy shapes in a wall and more often than not end up head first in the water.Throughout the show the holes get harder and come faster.

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Their sole aim is to get into the Palace of the Forge, but in order to do so, they must first duel each other and then continue on to complete tough challenges and mathematical problems inside the palace.

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