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I had to hire a van taxi for E68 to take me to a hotel downtown where I stored the box and stayed after the trip.

If you could arrange this in advance it could be cheaper (try Teri at 0650 600-3383).

We actually considered buying some of their used bikes instead of renting but finally decided just to rent.

(We have a friend who did buy a used bike and they shipped it to Vienna for him - he picked it up there at a bike shop, pedaled to Budapest and sold the bike there before flying home!

I don't think it is possible to cycle into town from Vienna airport.it's also one of the biggest outdoor adventure destination of Europe. The pages linking to this URL give public trans portation options as well as detailed biking directions out of Charles de Gaulle and Orly into Paris or elsewhere in France: following url gives detailed information on trains and bicycles (including sewing lightweight bike bags) in France (and some info on other countries): is much other useful information on the site.My wife and I recently returned from a Tandem touring trip in the Italian Dolomites.At the End of this Road turn left again and you will see on your righthand side the big highway "Circonvallazione Paltrioniano". At this point you reach the exit of a four-lane road. From Airport to City: In the opposite direction, I am not shure, how to access "Via del Prati". From the Terminals Busstation it's about 100m to a crosswalk. In the roundabout take the exit signposted with "via portico" Follow "Via Portico" for about 1km thru an industrial area. Their bikes are equipped with 24- or 27-speed Shimano gear systems.Cross this big street at the lights and go down "Via San Giovanni Bosco". On the left side of the airport port the walkway to Orio Shopping center starts. We had road bikes with Shimano Total Integration (STI) shifter/brake lever controls.

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They also required a 7 euro fee for plastic wrapping my cardboard box in which my tent and front panniers were shipped ,reason given "to protect from the box leaking contents" despite there being nothing there to leak.