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Both coins have a lettered edge reading "GOTT MIT UNS" (God with us).

The imperial German arms, date and denomination are on the reverse. The King married Charlotte in 1886 after the death of his first wife who left no male heirs.

The silver Hamburg 3 Mark was struck from 1908 to 1914 is 33mm and contains 16.67 grams of .900 fine silver.

The 5 Mark was struck from 1891 to 1913, is 38mm in diameter and contains 27.78 grams of .900 fine silver.

One side depicts Albrecht along with the date and legends. Johann Hugo von Orsbeck was Archbishop Trier from 1675 until his death in 1711.

The other side features and Eagle with an “S” on its chest, signifying Sigismund I, King of Poland, along with Albrecht’s abbreviated name and titles. The Archbishopric of Trier was one of the most powerful in Germany. He helped chose Joseph I as the successor to Leopold the Hogmouth as Holy Roman Emperor.

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That position carried considerable temporal power as Archbishop of Mainz was one of the seven Electors of the Holy Roman Empire, making him only second in rank to the Emperor.

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