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My stuff here is cracked because of -40C and only Water..no antifreeze. If anyone has any suggestions I will be willing to try them.

Is somebody out there who can help me to find the parts i need? call me at 740-384-4323 or E-mail bdsass at I just wanted to say that to my knoledge I have an H-TA sitting in my driveway. (to buy after market is nut's $$$$$$ ) Thank's Hope someone can help with this question. Hi, I own and restored a 1950 Farmall H at the age of 12. Last winter I restored it (with help from my dad on the hard bolts and such). Now my dad and I are now working on a Farmall M, but we need a little help getting the motor and pistons unstuck.

Now the search is on for implements for the back end. Can anyone tell me what one is worth that is average with a three point hitch, 12 volt, narrow front Thanks to anyone, Auburn Prince My grandfather only bought one new tractor. Any recommendations Ron White in Coteau, Louisiana not the comedian I found a Farmall H ser.# FBH-284245 in rough shape missing engine cover, otherwise seems to be complete. Can you tell me how much it is worth and the year Thanks. I own a IH H that my dad got 20 some years ago from a farm sale.

It's been sittin for about 14 years, and I'd like to restore it. Can anyone please give me some advise on how to figure out the year? Gear on distributor is worn out and in need of new.

This winter I hope to get it restored to show room condition along with his H-210 mounted corn planter. Just bought 20 acres and found a 1940 H hideing in the woods.

Just curious, what do you think the tractor is worth? Anyway, if anyone can help me, give me a e-mail , Thanks Timmy father bought me a 1939 H AND IT has the original steel spoked rims but instead the cleats it has rubber. I have a international mcormick tractor ,,it has a wide front end, i purchased the tractor for 1000.00 dollars ,it came with a loader and also a blade for the rear, it has a add on rear three point. Have asked around and no one can give me any answers.

It's a steel wheel farmall hand crank and the front wheel was re-placed with a rubber wheel, One owner and been sitting re painted 30 years ago and covered I have purchased a 1946 farmall h for 0 with a perry shedder.

When i got it the tractor did not run and it had three bad tires but lucky for me it wasn't stuck. It starts easy all the time but when it gets up to temp, you can not make it up the ramp to get it back in the barn. Any "H" mechanics have an idea why the tractor loses power. I have a 1946 super H in perfect coondition and need information on the assembly of the 2 row cultivator that went with it. Purchased it from a lady whos husband had it and did and didn't know much about it.

The code will look something like this --6*14*J, 6 being the month, 14 the day, and J the year.

Here is a complete breakdown, giving the letter, and the year it represents.

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