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Opening of EN is really great, first hour smells fresh.

That's undoubtedly the vetiver, doing its thing here, and it's doing its thing here very, very well. That's how you want a fragrance like this to perform, quietly, subtly, like a low dust cloud.This has absolutely no bitterness or armpit-BO or the really pungent reek which makes some masculine vetivers unbearable to me. It is an odd one, and if you find this challenging, may I suggest bearing with it. That bottle too, with its wooden lid that CLICKs into place! update: the similarity between EN and woody i mentioned above on papers. By the way I catch no cypress(green) nor vetiver(earth), I think the combination is smoke, lots of smoke(incense), woods, ginger and lime (there's definitely lime here somewhere), well that's my opinion. If you're an "I wear fragrances for me" guy and you like dark, ethereal scents, this will work for you. Don't wear it for birthdays / anniversaries / weddings. this only works for gloomy, introspective, rainy days in the heart of a forest in the Pacific northwest. As a serial people-pleaser, this is hard to work with.Instead it's amazingly citrussy, seems almost transparently airy, and is refreshing rather than crushing. This will get you as many odd looks as it will compliments. I love this perfume, I have used it for 3 years at least,and it is not a perfume, it is a mood that you get in while wearing this perfume, it helps you enjoy your loneliness, even though it is sth wonderful when you are in love especially in autumn, dating someone special in the cold days, but just I dont like the short lasting of the perfume and I have recently found another price for this perfume in Lalique shops around 95 Euros that makes me think that these cheap versions are kind of fake perfumes. The vetiver is sooo perfectly cool and smooth in it. BTW on my skin, EN is a little darker, deeper and richer. I am in love with this, and out of all my collection (of around 50 bottles), this gets the most compliments. Humid wood, brown dying leaves, modern luxury wooden furnitures, some old school ink. Don't wear it for cracking open a cold one with the boys. I appreciate it on an artistic level, and in fact I'd compliment anyone I smell it on.If you want to smell like a forest god, go with Encre Noire. This one and Encre Noire l'Extreme are suitable for winter while the sport version is versatile to use anytime but i prefer using it in summer.Wanted to buy it for soooo long now...finally today I made it mine!!!

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may be someone who has all three can try to layer them and share his experience with me Awesome. Starts off a bit minty with some pine needles - a real out of the shower freshness. Solid performance - probably around 6 hours which isn't bad for an EDT these days. Absolutely walking the tightrope between love(or at least admiration) and hate for this one.

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