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Partners, in turn, should be supportive and willing to compromise so that a comfortable median can be reached.

Many people on the autism spectrum are looking to be in a relationship; however, there are others who are content with being single.

Fortunately, these issues can be managed with open and honest communication.

Individual with ASD should explain to their partners why they behave the way that they do.

Unlike traditional dating, meeting online gives each person the opportunity to protect their identity until he/she feels comfortable enough to reveal more personal details.

This is especially helpful for individuals who prefer to wait to disclose their disability.

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A large crowd of mediapersons camped outside Dasna Jail from early Friday morning, keeping a close watch on every movement in and out of the high-security prison that had housed Rajesh and Nupur Talwar for four years.

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Common characteristics of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may make it difficult for individuals to initiate and manage romantic relationships.

Discomfort with physical affection, high levels of anxiety, and difficulty with eye contact may lead to lack of affection and intimacy within the relationship.

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The desire to connect with another person and build a satisfying relationship exists in everyone.

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