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The activity centers on the third floor, particularly the south side of the building.Phenomena range from rummaging sounds coming from bathrooms, elevator doors opening and closing when people walk by, smoke-like apparitions, reddish stains appearing on walls and voices that have been heard by nearly every staff member.She could be seen on the camera, but not "in person". Known for a lady ghost who, for the past 100 years, 2 times every year visits the same gravesite and leaves flowers.

A man is seen in the vicinity of Bennet Road during daylight walking through the hills carrying a canvas bag that is thrown over his shoulder. Bennet," the original settler of the area was shot and killed on Bennet Road as the result of a land dispute. There is a certain casino in Blackhawk that is haunted (not that hauntings are unusual in that area) by at least one ghost.Now there is a new playground there but the spirit still remains.It is said that after you have heard these noises that you feel like someone is chasing you, like the boy wants to chase you down. It is no longer being used as a bathroom, even though there is faded print on one of the doors that says women’s.Cold spats are common, as well as occasional power outages.The story among employees goes that once the security guards were watching the cameras upstairs, as usual, when they spotted a small girl holding a balloon.

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Fitzimons used to be an old military base, now it is a hospital.